Adam de Everingham

Born: 1230 - Died: 8th December 1280

Adam de Everingham, at the decease of his mother in the 36th Henry III [1252], had livery of her lands upon doing homage and giving security for the payment of £50 for his relief.

In the 42nd Henry III [1258], this feudal lord was in the expedition made then into Wales, but he afterwards took up arms with Montfort, Earl of Leicester, and the other discontented barons of that period, and was at the battle of Evesham. He d. 9th Edward I [1280-81], being at that time seised of a moiety of they barony of Schelford, in Nottinghamshire, into which moiety twelve knights' fees and a half in several counties appertained, whereof ten were for the Bailiwick of Sherwood. He likewise possessed the manors of Everingham and Farburne, co. York, and Westbury, co. Lincoln.