Venue/Event Description

The Battle of Evesham event is a non-ticketed free outdoor event for all members of the public.  The event takes place alongside Evesham’s riverside in the meadows belonging to Wychavon District Council.  There are level, wide, tarmacked paths along the riverside (Abbey Park, Crown Meadow, Viaduct Meadow and Hampton Meadow) suitable for use by wheelchair/motorised wheelchairs, people with other mobility impairments, visual impairments, and adults with children/pushchairs. There is ramp access/egress out of the meadows (noting that some of these are also for vehicles).

Arrival Guide

In addition to the council car parks in the town centre, parking is available on Crown Meadow for a cost of £5 per day.  Blue Badge holders are not exempt from this charge, but there is a dedicated blue badge parking area for 20 parking spaces near the event meadow entrance. The Crown Meadow car park is marshalled by the Battle of Evesham volunteer staff.  Anyone arriving alone and requiring assistance getting out of their vehicle into a wheelchair, can ask for help. People can be dropped off at the entrance on Crown Meadow near the Blue Badge Car Park.

As well as a tannoy system in the Battle Arena, clear signage (posters/signposts) informs visitors of the schedule of events, locations of toilets, the Battle of Evesham Control (information) tents, and the First Aid post. We will have QR codes on our posters which would launch a webpage with the plan of the site on it.

Toilets and Changing Places

The award-winning, council-owned public toilets within the park/riverside areas cater for men, women and accessible use. They all have baby-changing facilities, and are contracted to be cleaned daily.

Some of the temporary toilets hired in for the event are for accessible use. They are larger, with lower toilet seats and have rails, with pull handle flush. They are made for wheelchairs but not Motability scooters or larger. If there is a problem during the event, the event organiser has contact details for the operator.

Bar and Traders

The majority of trade stands are situated on the grass in Crown and Corporation Meadows. The beer tent is situated on Corporation Meadow. The food traders are situated on the Viaduct Meadow car park which has a level but uneven surface (a mixture of brick and earth which we believe was created this way due to it being regularly flooded in the winter months).  We are aware that Evesham Town Council would like this surface tarmacked to re-instate the bus car park that used to be at in the centre of town (where Waitrose is now) but is a matter of funding (which is outside of the Battle of Evesham’s committee’s control).

Alongside a small number of permanent picnic tables and park benches, a large number of portable chairs and tables are provided for visitors, in particular near the beer tent. This allows any visitors using wheelchairs to sit alongside family and friends

Viewing Areas

The displays, demonstrations, parade and battle reenactments all take place on grass areas close to level, tarmacked paths.  Wheelchair users and young visitors are encouraged to watch from the front few rows of the cordoned battle arena with able-bodied adults standing or sitting behind, thus allowing everyone a great view of the activities unfolding. The battle re-enactments (the main event of each day) are accompanied by a detailed live audio description by tannoy of the events of 1264 and 1265 and how the re-enacted battle is unfolding. Demonstrations, eg of the trebuchet, is also accompanied by a live audio description of what’s happening.

Visitors with Medical Requirements

Qualified first aid responders are available over the period of the event. They will carry out mobile patrols and the mobile units will carry response bags and an automated external defibrillator (AED).  The first aid post First Aid post (gazebo) will be equipped with bed, seating area, standard first aid equipment, resuscitation facilities (AED, airway management etc.), medical gases (O2 and Entonox) and patient monitoring equipment. Immobilisation and patient handling equipment will also be present.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are very welcome at the event as well as well-behaved dogs on a lead. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs using the bins provided. Dogs must not be left in owners’ cars.  Dog bowls of water are put out and water replenished on a regular basis.

Lighting and Noise/Sound            

Lighting - The event starts and end during normal daylight hours. 

Noise - The entire event takes place outside so if anyone feels they’re suffering from sensory overload and needs time in a quieter part of the event site during their visit,  visitors are free to come and go as they please.  If they wish to remain at the event, Raphael’s meadow is the quietest space on the site (being the area the horses and their owners are accommodated).