Roger de St John

Born: 1221 - Died: 4 August 1265

Sir John de St. John died 1230, leaving a widow, Emma, and a son, Roger St. John; and this same year Geoffrey Le Despencer, Lord of Marcheley or Marteley, Worcestershire, married the said Emma, giving £100 for the wardship of her son Roger St. John, the first and last Baron St. John of Stanton.

Sir John Le Despencer, as well as Roger de St. John, joined the Barons in the great civil struggle against Henry III, and they both attended the celebrated Council summoned at Oxford in 1258, commonly known as 'the Mad Parliament.'

1262 Feb 5, Roger de Sancto Johanne, Lageham in Walkested (Lagham Manor). Roger St John.

In 1265 Roger de St. John was killed at the battle of Evesham, his estates were confiscated, and ' Swaluefelde and one messuage and one carucate of lands in Beaumys with woods and rents and all appurts ' were granted to Roger de Leybourne, and in Charter Roll 49 Hen. III. we read that ' only a messuage in Beaumys remained the property of Sir John Le Despencer.