Richard Trussell

Born: 1215 - Died: 1265

Born about 1215 in Billesley Trussell in Warwickshire 4 miles outside of Stratford Upon Avon. 

Both Richard and his younger brother Sir William Trussell were together at the Battle of Lewes in 1264 and a year later he was killed at the Battle of Evesham 4th of August 1265 fighting with Simon De Montfort and the Barons and was there until the end and was finished off by having his head chopped off.

Sir Richard Trussell's head was actually found in 1844 in a stone coffin in the area of the Ancient Trussell family seat of Billesley near to the All Saints Church graveyard. Richard's Father also Sir Richard Trussell descends from Milo De Brai Lord of Montilhery France and through his sons Guy and Hugh who landed with William the Conqueror in 1066 and participated in the Battle of Hastings.