Piers de Montfort

Born: 1205 - Died: 4 August 1265 (aged about 59-60)

Peter de Montfort (or Piers de Montfort) (c. 1205 – 4 August 1265) of Beaudesert Castle was an English magnate, soldier and diplomat. He is the first person recorded as having presided over Parliament as a parlour or prolocutor, an office now known as Speaker of the House of Commons. 

He was one of those elected by the barons to represent them during the constitutional crisis with Henry III in 1258. He was later a leading supporter of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, against the King. Both he and Simon de Montfort were slain at the Battle of Evesham on 4 August 1265. His two sons, Peter and Robert, who also took part in the battle, were both wounded and taken prisoner. His place of burial is unknown. He was survived by his wife, Alice. His heirs in the male line died out in 1367.

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