Historic Evesham

Evesham Town

Evesham is an historical market town filled with history, magnificent old buildings, arcades, shops, pubs and restaurants. The market square will play host to our re-enactors gathering before their parade and will also be an information point for visitors.

During the festival there will be a market, craft workshops and demonstrations plus exciting talks and events held in the pubs and restaurants in the evenings. Some of the shops may have slipped back in time to the 13th century too!

Almonry Museum and Heritage Centre

Following the closure of the Abbey by Henry VIII, the Almonry became the personal home of the last Abbot, Philip Ballard whilst the rest of the Abbey buildings were sold as stones. Today, the Almonry, two churches, the bell tower and cloister arch are all that remain of what was reportedly the third largest abbey in England.

The 14th century building itself is fascinating and the exhibits and displays showcase an eclectic collection that spans prehistoric to 20th century times. One of the permanent displays is about Simon de Montfort.

The Almonry also plays home to the Evesham Tourist Information Centre where information about the town, surrounding areas, accomodation and souvenirs can be sourced.


In and around Evesham Town Centre