Our Partners

Our partners are either providing valuable resources and time to deliver and promote the festival and/or communications, contacts and support. A huge thank you to them all.

Statements of Support

I am honoured to act as the living history and battle coordinator for the Battle of Evesham Festival project. As a specialist historical event organiser, I always prefer to take part in the recreation of significant moments in British history. Having staged projects depicting eras as diverse as the Romans and the infamous “Battle of Orgreave” of 1984, it is exciting to now be involved with a re-enactment of The Battle of Evesham, a view echoed by the numerous excellent quality re-enactment and living history groups that have expressed their strong interest in participating. Winston Churchill once remarked that battles are the punctuation marks of history, and it is our view that Evesham was one of the most important. We look forward to working with our project partners to present a recreation worthy of those who fought for their lives in the bloody bend in the river back in 1265.
Howard Giles
The Simon de Montfort Society is proud and delighted to be a principal supporter and champion of the Battle of Evesham, a truly momentous landmark in the history of England. We especially look forward to help making the Medieval Festival a really outstanding & memorable event. To see the Festival on its way we wish tonight's launch event every success.
Clive Bostle, Simon de Montfort Society
Wychavon District Council is pleased to support the Battle of Evesham Event. The council recognises the huge significance of the battle and of Simon de Montfort and the impact of both on our country’s constitution. The celebration will also contribute considerably to Evesham’s local economy and provide many opportunities for local businesses to benefit from an event that will have national significance and profile.
Jack Hegarty, Managing Director of Wychavon District Council.
Here at Gras Roots we are very excited to be involved in next year's landmark Evesham event. We know that the celebration will help put Evesham firmly into the minds of all those interested in the richness of our history both as a town and as a nation. The 750 will be a strong statement of cultural significance and a boon to the arts within the town.
Tash Daly, TD Event Management & Gras Roots
The Fleece Inn is proud to be a partner in this major celebration of our history and contribution to the development of democracy throughout the world. We are sure the event will bring thousands of visitors to the town and along with them much needed revenue for many local businesses and for the town in general.
Nigel Smith, Director of Moongazing Hare Ltd.
The Battle of Evesham will undoubtably attract the interest of local, regional, national and international audiences, as well as increasing overall visitor numbers to the town. On-going promotional activity will see Evesham in the media spotlight for all the right reasons right up to, and beyond the event itself. On-going positive publicity for the town, its people and business community can only be a good thing.
Mick Hurst, Managing Director, Areca Design